Genealogical Research by Writer Result Presentations

Focusing on Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and Mississippi

Welcome to our genealogical research site – for consultation, record searches, research projects and professional reporting.

Consult with us for your genealogical and historical document research needs. Our research concentration involves use of source records and critical analysis to validate findings.

Genealogical Research

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Why is Written Communication so Important?

We present some reasons here, to emphasize the need for clear, direct writing.

Written communications

The following cases are adapted from actual situations encountered over our fifteen year experience in writing, editing and document preparation. A commitment to conscientious written communication is an investment in quality presentation of your message and purpose.

Case 1

You’re a small business owner, offering services to customers. For professional and financial integrity, written documents will detail and formalize services you agree to perform, method you will use to perform services, time in which you will complete services, and of course, the rates you will charge. A most effective way to clearly communicate this to your prospective customer is in a concise, written proposal. This provides both parties with a written record of the agreement, and may eliminate misunderstanding or confusion that potentially arises with “oral” agreements.

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