Copywriting 101: How to Hire a Copy Writer

Copy writing should be easy, right? It’s just words on a screen that people read when they visit your website. Wrong. Copy writing is how people learn about you and your company. Along with the design of a website, it’s your first impression to a client or prospect. Copy writing positions us as the expert in our field. When done correctly, it showcases our expertise in an area. Here are a few tips on deciding how to hire a copy writer:

Hiring a Copywriter

What’s the scope of the copy writing work?

If you are a bio technical engineering firm, consider who the work will be written for. If you are writing for other biologists, you will want someone with a highly technical background who can understand and accurately capture the information. Far be it from me to understand the highly mechanical functions of a desalination plant.

Some copy writers are really good writers

They get all their spelling correct and the grammar perfect. They even dot every I and cross all the Ts. Well written and grammatical work does not necessarily mean interesting. Be sure the majority of the copy writing is engaging. Do you want to read to the end of the article?

What voice do you need the work written in?

I could make an English lesson out of this copy writing bullet point. If you are asking for back packing reviews, you may want the items written from an ‘I’ perspective, or first person. They are up close and personal. Whereas some e-commerce sites need general ‘five loop daisy chain’ descriptions. Most websites are third person, too.

Should the copy writer have experience in your field?

I am often asked if I have copy writing experience in specific disciplines. Again, a technical copy writer is best for certain fields. However, if you are a chiropractor who wants to appeal to sclerosis patients, you should consider the level that writing needs to be on. The marketing needs to be on an educational patient level. Would it be best written by a copy writer whose mother has the disease? She will get completely into the head of your targeted market, even if she’s not a doctor herself.

Do they have copy writing experience in the project you’re recommending?

I have read blogs written by novelists. The prolific copy writing required of a novelist does not always translate to a 350 word blog. If you need a ghost writer for your memoir, you need a novelist. If you need ad concepts for a billboard, you need five catchy words. See where I’m going with this?

Copy writing is not simple. Based on the above points, you want to hire a copy writer that suits your needs, but also has the capabilities to develop a partnership with your company. Once a copy writer is familiar with your business, they can help you achieve the results you need. Make sure you hire the right one.

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