From Being Grumpy to Annoying

If insomnia is your irksome buddy over a considerable period, guess you have clicked the right page! Deprivation of sleep is no wonder a nightmare. From being grumpy to annoying, one can put the physical and mental health at risk owing to sleep scarcity.

You might be going through the same and feel nothing but helpless. Well, every cloud has a silver lining just as insomnia has melatonin. Many people nowadays take melatonin uk to get relief from those chronic insomniac nights. As it assures a good night sleep, take a tour about this hormone of darkness to know more.

Being Grumpy

More on melatonin

Melatonin (N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine) is a naturally occurring hormone in almost every mammal including the humans. Pineal gland a.k.a epiphysis majorly takes the responsibility of synthesizing melatonin. It is a pea-sized gland on the upper part of the brain.

The fun fact is this gland secretes the hormone only in response to darkness. Thus, melatonin is also known as Dracula hormone!

Can you join the dots between melatonin and insomnia now? Well, the hormone plays a significant role in maintaining your sleep-wake cycle, thus, regulating the biological clock.

Synthesis and mechanism of melatonin

Pineal gland, a neuroendocrine gland, is photo-sensitive and synthesises the hormone majorly after the sunset. The level peaks up at around 4 am which is again evident from the human sleeping pattern. However, with the gradual approach of daylight, the secretion zeros down.

Can you connect?

Well, due to a halt in synthesis of this hormone, you usually don’t feel sleepy during the daylight. Thus, melatonin is vital to maintain the sleep-wake cycle.

Some more insights

You may think melatonin induces sleep, but the reality is it promotes sleep. The secretion of this magic hormone gradually sees a fall after people hit puberty.

So, if your momma blames your late-night mobile checking habit, blame the melatonin!

Keeping the pun aside, soon after puberty, people often lack melatonin owing to several factors. This results in unwanted insomnia. To rescue from such a situation, doctors often recommend sleep-deprived people to buy melatonin.

How do these supplements work?

Melatonin supplements made from natural ingredients adjust the sleep-wake cycle. These are absolutely safe and usually taken orally. Doctors recommend a dose of .3 mg per day for a sound sleep. Many people consume a higher dose of up to 5 mg as well. In case you’re still contemplating the dosage, better consult a physician.

Where do people usually buy melatonin?

People usually purchase melatonin supplements over-the-counter. This is not a regular drug rather FDA considers melatonin supplements as dietary requirements for people who usually suffer from – jet lag, rapid eye movement, sleep disorder, depression apart from insomnia.

So, even if you don’t have a prescription, you can have the advantage of melatonin by visiting pharmacy or e-drug store. Don’t wait long; give yourself a beauty sleep with this wonder of medical science.

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