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Write Result for Quality Writing, Editing, Research and Creative Document

Consult with us to Express Your Message and Purpose with Style


When you have something to say, and prefer to say it with style, the solution is clearly WRITE RESULT PRESENTATIONS – WRPSM.

We provide knowledgeable, professional research and freelance writing solutions for a variety of needs. Our virtual capabilities allow us to meet your needs across the United States!

Write Result Copywriter

Denyce Peyton is Principal/Owner of WRPSM.

She brings over 15 years of experience to the business – in writing, editing and research in corporate business, non-profit community and individual service venues. Denyce earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the School of Technology (Management concentration) at Indiana-Purdue University at Fort Wayne; granted by Purdue University. She continues to expand her knowledge base through participation in continuing education courses in editing, writing and genealogical research methodologies. Denyce has served as editor of two separate newsletters and authored two books (recently self-published).

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Copywriting 101: How to Hire a Copy Writer

Copy writing should be easy, right? It’s just words on a screen that people read when they visit your website. Wrong. Copy writing is how people learn about you and your company. Along with the design of a website, it’s your first impression to a client or prospect. Copy writing positions us as the expert in our field. When done correctly, it showcases our expertise in an area. Here are a few tips on deciding how to hire a copy writer:

Hiring a Copywriter

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Working in Fits and Spurts

Every freelancer I know is familiar with the “feast or famine” phenomenon. Work comes in fits and spurts – seemingly taking all your time or none at all.

In the last week or so, I’ve had a lot of work from an existing client and a new one that’s just getting started. My schedule is filled with conference calls and lots of writing, as well as discussions with new people about things they can do to promote and build their business.

feast or famine

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