Twitter is My Watercooler

Like many freelancers and entrepreneurs who work from a home office, I sometimes miss the camaraderie of being in an office building with my peers.

I’ve always done the type of work that requires a lot of concentration, research, reading, writing, and editing, so I work pretty well on my own. But, I still need a break every so often to unwind and stop thinking about the task at hand.

Twitter is my Watercooler

At my last full-time, corporate job, that usually meant seeking out colleague and friend of mine. I’d wander over to her office, plop down in a chair and ask how things were going. Or what she had planned for lunch that day. Or whether she had seen a news article or watched the latest episode of Lost the night before.

But, working from home makes this process much harder. I can use email and IM with friends and business partners, but these tools don’t accomplish quite the same thing.

So, I finally signed up for Twitter about a week ago, and I’m finding it’s actually great for me.

It doesn’t interrupt my train of thought, I can use it on my schedule, and I’m not disrupting anyone else when I post something (called tweeting, which I can’t even type with a straight face, so we’ll just skip over that).

I’ve come across some interesting folks who are in a similar work environments and I can chat with them throughout the day. I also follow a few news outlets so I can get quick announcements among the rest of the conversations.

Although it’s only been a week so far, Twitter has been an interesting addition to my workday. From hearing about urgent HARO requests to daily challenges faced by other WAHMs or new tips and tools for writing, web design, and a host of other topics (including lunch and last night’s TV shows), it’s both a welcome diversion and a worthwhile conversation.

Are you using Twitter? If so, has it has it been a positive or negative experience for you? Share your comments below.

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