Use Vegetable Sauce Recipe in Different Ways

Examinations have demonstrated that such a large number of individuals don’t know that they can appreciate an assortment of staple food’s like: rice, bubbled yam, broiled plantain and beans, potatoes and so forth with these brilliant vegetables, they feel that these fixings are just for plate of mixed greens and seared rice.

For the individuals who have medical problems, for example, diabetes, hypertension e.t.c., which keeps them from eating browned nourishment’s, tomato stews, and soups that contain much seasonings, this is a superb, scrumptious and sound option for you to make the most of your staples. It is wealthy in nutrients and supplements. I am going to show you how to get ready and use it furthering your potential benefit.



To provide food for a group of five, you need the accompanying:

· Chicken or fish or meat (as liked)

· Vegetable Oil or some other oil you may like (2 cooking spoons)

· 5 Spring Onions

· 8 Fresh Plum Tomatoes (Jos Tomatoes)

· 8 medium Carrots

· Cabbage (1 little bulb)

· Potatoes – discretionary (3 medium-sized)

· 1 Red Bell Pepper (discretionary)

· 1 Green Bell Pepper

· Green Peas (new)

· Salt – to taste

· Seasoning – discretionary (2 solid shapes for example Magi)

Before You Start

1. Wash and cut the plum tomatoes, carrots, cabbage and chime pepper. Remember to scratch off the body of the carrots before cutting and put them in a safe spot.

2. Strip the Irish potatoes (this is discretionary on the grounds that you can make your soup without thickening it), wash and cut into little pieces. Mix into a thick glue and put in a safe spot. This will fill in as thickener for the Vegetable Sauce.

Preparing for cooking

– Wash and cut your chicken, or fish or meat into pieces, put them in a pot, include hacked onions, stock solid shapes and curry powder. Include likewise a liter of water and cook for around 10 minutes.

– When done, include a little proportion of the oil that you like. Spread and cook for 15 minutes.

– Add the cleaved tomatoes and cook for 5 minutes.

– Now, include the potato purée, carrot, cleaved chime peppers and cabbage. Mix, spread and permit to cook for 5 minutes on high heat. Add salt to taste and the sauce is prepared for serving.

You can increment or abatement the thickness of the vegetable sauce by expanding or diminishing the measure of potato puree included. This will accord your taste and decision, yet interestingly, you have an option in contrast to what you don’t need.

I realize you will appreciate it.