Using My Education (and Becoming Cliff)

I’m often asked whether my college education applies to my career choice, and my response is “absolutely.”

I double-majored in International Relations and French, which was the perfect combination for me.

While my husband endured numerous poli sci courses for his major, I enjoyed a variety of poli sci, econ, history, psychology, philosophy, cultural anthropology, French, and many others.


On a personal level, I realized that I enjoy constantly discovering – and digging into – new topics.

And, on a professional level, I developed an understanding of the economic and social factors that drive communications. I learned to listen very carefully to find out where people are coming from and what they want. And, I learned to communicate effectively – in multiple languages – to ensure my message is clear and useful to my audience.

So, I suppose I chose freelance writing because it’s similar to everything I loved about school.

I get to learn and write about completely different topics from one day to the next. I’m constantly challenged with solving communication problems and finding ways to translate complex information into messages that everyone will understand. And, of course, I never get bored with what I do.

Right now, for example, I’m writing health articles for a local Swedish manufacturer, creating web copy about parasitic infections for a pharmaceutical company, and editing a sales brochure for a company that specializes in Medicare reimbursement.

I have other projects waiting to begin from an IT staffing company, a provider of home-based care, a software company, and a market research firm.

And, I recently finished jobs for a law firm and vacation travel website.

The only drawback? I’m a little bit like¬†Cliff Claven. Every project provides a bit more expertise about some new subject, so I may be the one at the bar-b-que talking about iron deficiency anemia, Jamaican resorts, criminal defense law, and a hard-to-reach restaurant on Lake Austin.

At least there’s never a dull moment.

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