Working in Fits and Spurts

Every freelancer I know is familiar with the “feast or famine” phenomenon. Work comes in fits and spurts – seemingly taking all your time or none at all.

In the last week or so, I’ve had a lot of work from an existing client and a new one that’s just getting started. My schedule is filled with conference calls and lots of writing, as well as discussions with new people about things they can do to promote and build their business.

feast or famine

I’m having a blast. But what I enjoy most of all is that – in the middle of all this – I can take a break and crawl around on the floor with my daughter. Or stop what I’m doing to go for a walk with her and my husband.

I can accept a project at 6 in the evening, eat dinner with my family, and put my daughter to bed, then write talking points for the CEO of a Fortune 500 company in the wee hours of the morning. After being up late on a project deadline, I can sleep in or go grocery shopping while many of my neighbors leave for work.

Work-life balance was something I used to joke about with friends in the office, but I’d say I’m pretty close to achieving it this week. Now, if I can just keep drumming up business and fend off that next period of famine…

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